​Busting 5 Weight Loss Myths

​Busting 5 Weight Loss Myths

I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about tax season, but dieting and new years resolution time! So to contribute to the yearly pilgrimage to my bathroom scale, lets spread a lil truth into the inter-webs about how weight loss really works. Before we jump into the myths lets get a couple things straight. To lose weight, meaning fat, you have to be in a calorie deficit. That means you need to eat less calories than your resting metabolic rate demands. Now this is a different number for everyone and there are many factors that can push it up or down. Here is a handy resource to look into for calculating how many calories you should be eating: Calculate Your Caloric Intake

  1. The Diet Myth

Number one and the most insidious of them all. The Diet Myth. This is the one that says, “Well if I only eat X or cut out X, then I’ll have the most banging beach bod on the block in three months.” Well, this is a lie told to us by advertising executives and the various diet cults. In the end the only diet you should do is the one that works for you personally over the long term. This is a personal choice that only you can make. That may mean you go vegan, keto, paleo or whatever you want to call your particular diet. Long term commitment and adherence to a ‘diet’ that focuses on calorie deficit is the real ticket to fat loss, not any one particular plan.

  1. The Quick Fix

The second and mostly just as evil myth. The quick fix is any trend, diet plan, or supplement that promises results in terms of weeks or a month rather than several months and even years. The truth is no supplement or pill is going to be a panacea for your waistline. That’s not to say there isn’t benefit from these things, to help you along your journey. But at the end of the day eating quality healthy whole foods and exercising over the long term should be your priority in weight loss, not some quick fix powder/pill/device.

  1. Carbs Are Evil

This one gets a little sticky because so many are passionate about it. It's a complicated topic in a way because yes there is evidence that people with diabetes should limit processed carbs, without a doubt. However, there are carbs that are good for you in helping to moderate your blood sugar naturally, such as broccoli, cauliflower and spinach. Evidence has also shown that eating whole fruits can aid in weight loss, but the real key here is whole fruits and not juices. Juices are really just flavored sugar water without the fiber present to help you properly process those sugars.

  1. Fats Are Evil

This is another one that really rubs people the wrong way. There are good fats and bad fats. Examples of good fats would be animal fats, coconut oil, olive oil. Bad fats are those weird chemically and mechanically derived fats. Think margarine, fried foods, and vegetable shortening. Easy way to think about it, how closely related to its natural state is the fat? If it didn’t need to be boiled, shifted, squeezed, distilled and sent through a centrifuge before arriving on the shelf, then it’s probably not as bad as its cousins. Trans Fats are the real ones to watch out for here as they can wreak havoc on the system in the form of inflammation and raising LDL cholesterol. Good rule of thumb is totally ignore the front of the packaging, read the label on the back and see if it contains any hydrogenated ingredients, if so, give it a hard pass.

  1. Exercise is King

Exercise is important. It helps you build and maintain muscle mass, because that axiom ‘use it or lose it’ is very true when it comes to muscles. However, if your goal is to ‘cut’ or lose weight, shrink that waste line down to something manageable then it’s going to be more like 80% diet 20% exercise. The most optimal idea when cutting fat is to continue to work out throughout your cutting phase to limit the amount of muscle loss that takes place. Also it’s really good for your cardiovascular system, libido, bone health, immune system and mental health. So go ahead and exercise! But keep things in perspective, the biggest factor in losing weight is going to be diet.

Teas To Aid In Weight Loss:

Renovation Tea: Glucose Support—Our Glucose Support tea will help regulate blood sugar, aid in weight loss and manage some of the symptoms of diabetes.

Organic Free Trade Ingredients: Cinnamon, Bitter Melon Fruit, Gymnema Leaf and Ginkgo.

Renovation Tea: Super Healthy Tea —Our Super Healthy tea is a custom blend loaded with antioxidants and it may help boost immune system, prevent arthritis, migraines, lower risk of stroke and heart disease, and may have diuretic properties.

Organic Free Trade Ingredients: Green Tea, Spinach Powder and Parsley

Renovation Tea: Flu Relief—Extensive research confirms the high antioxidant and poly-phenol activity found in green tea, may be instrumental in the prevention of Alzheimer's and it comes highly recommended as a general cleansing beverage.

Healthy Eats: Italian Salmon Log


  • 1 1lb can (2cups) red salmon
  • 1 8oz pkg cream cheese, softened
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 Tbsp chopped onion dried
  • 2 Tsp prepared horseradish (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 Tsp liquid smoke
  • 1 Cup chopped pecans
  • 1/2 Cup parsley flakes dried
  • 1 tablespoon Renovation Tea: Italian 5 Spice Blend
  • Aluminum Foil


  1. Drain and flake salmon, removing skin & hard bones.
  2. Mix with spoon or spatula in a large bowl salmon, cream cheese, lemon juice, chopped onion, horseradish, liquid smoke, salt and pepper, Renovation Tea: Italian 5 Spice Blend until thoroughly blended.
  3. Combine pecans and parsley in separate bowl.
  4. Lay out foil.
  5. Lay down layer of pecans and parsley.
  6. Drop and shape salmon mixture into a log.
  7. Rolling in the pecan and parsley mixture.
  8. Wrap well with aluminum foil.
  9. Chill in refrigerator at least six hours before serving, until until solidified.
  10. Enjoy!

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