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Blood Clot Tea


Spicy, savory and sweet Our Blood Clot tea is a refreshing full bodied golden tea with a very slight spicy and sweet flavor.  Beyond being delicious our Blood Clot Tea can help prevent hardening of the arteries, promote circulation and assist the break down of bad cholesterol and fat. 


Ingredients: Yarrow Leaf & Flower, Turmeric, Hawthorne, Ginger and Ginkgo

  • Yarrow Leaf & Flower - Helps to improve cardiovascular conditions, partly by regulating blood pressure and purifies the blood. It also simulates the circulatory system. 
  • Turmeric - May help prevent hardening of the arteries in people suffering from diabetes.  According to UMMC, turmeric tea can reduce levels of LDL or 'bad' cholesterol.
  • Hawthorn - Used through history to help treat heart disease, hawthorn can help to regulate your blood pressure and can also break down cholesterol and fat, both of which contribute to heart disease. 
  • Ginger - Studies such as one published in "Thrombosis Research" in 2003 have shown that ginger is an effective anti-coagulant. Researchers in Australia found that gingerol was a more effective anti-platelet agent than aspirin.
  • Ginkgo - According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, ginkgo improves the flow of blood throughout the body. 

Does NOT Contain Caffeine

Contains 10 Premium Tea Bags

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