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Uterine Cell Support Renovation Tea

Price: $12.99
Item Number: RT0008

Uterine Cell Support Renovation Tea

This package contains 10 premium tea bags.

Ingredients: Chasteberry, Burdock Root, Prickly Ash Bark, Wild Yam, Cramp Bark and Ginger.
Chasteberry:  The benefits of chasteberry for treating the symptoms of endometriosis are anecdotal and include easing uterine pain and reducing swelling. The "PDR" says chasteberry may be dopaminergic, meaning it may increase dopamine levels in the brain, which, in turn, may help a woman relax. High estrogen levels can trigger endometriosis pain, and chasteberry may balance high levels by increasing the production of progesterone. The University of Maryland Medical Center lists chasteberry as potentially beneficial for treating endometriosis, but research verifying the herb's benefits is nonexistent.
Burdock Root:  Has a long history of medical uses, particularly for detoxification and treating ailments of the skin and digestive system, and well as for alleviating the common cold. Its constituents include carbohydrates, volatile oils, plant sterols, tannins and fatty oils. Dr. Sharol Tilgner, a naturopathic physician and author of "Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth," states that burdock stimulates the liver, helping it to metabolize hormones and efficiently excrete them. This process may account for burdock's therapeutic effect in endometriosis
Prickly Ash Bark:  Is known to help conditions of sluggish circulation. It stimulates blood flow throughout the body, which increases the delivery of nutrients to organs and hastens the removal of cellular waste products. Enhancing circulation to the pelvis can be helpful for women with endometriosis.
Wild Yam: Is effective for balancing estrogen levels, and researchers in Taiwan found that its phytoestrogens (a weak form of plant estrogen) bind to estrogen receptors in the body, replacing the stronger and more dangerous forms of estrogen such as xenoestrogens. 
Psychiatrists in China reported that Wild Yam reduces anxiety levels, and its anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic effects are excellent for maintaining uterine health.   When combined with Chasteberry and Cramp bark, Wild Yam is a powerful natural remedy for immediate relief from endo symptoms.
Cramp Bark:  Has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans to treat pains and muscular cramping in the body.  It is used to relax muscles, and is particularly effective on the smooth muscle cells of the uterus.
It also has anti-inflammatory effects and calms and soothes the nerves, reduces excess bleeding and provides great relief for dysmenorrhea.
It also has wonderful effects on irritable bowel syndrome and researchers at Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine found that it was an effective treatment for gastrointestinal damage.
Ginger:  Has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine to reduce nausea, reduce pain, treat digestive complaints and to boost energy levels.  It has been effectively used in India to improve allergic response, due to its anti inflammatory effects.
It is also good for preventing endometrial growths, as Doctors at the China Medical University, Taiwan proved that Ginger prevented blood cells from aggregating.  Researchers at Seoul National University also found that the gingerol and vanilloids in ginger had anti-tumor properties.

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