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Imortalium® - 120 ct

Price: $59.50
Imortalium® combines the most effective anti-aging nutrients in a bi-layered tablet that supports anti-aging by improving telomere health.

Imortalium™ is the most advanced anti-aging supplement to date that nutritionally helps extend the lifespan of telomeres; the biological clocks found in almost every cell. The cutting-edge, bi-layered tablets allow anti-aging nutrients to be released both rapidly and slowly for maximum exposure to antioxidant enzymes, and essential nutrients that support optimal telomere health.

Imortalium™ combines the most effective anti-aging nutrients in a cutting-edge, bi-layered and extended release tablet that nutritionally helps promote cellular longevity and telomere health in our bodies to help slow the natural aging process. Imortalium™ contains synergizing antioxidant enzymes and essential nutrients that offer among the greatest telomere support. One of the greatest advantages of Imortalium™ is the use of a bi-layered tablet with the ability to release nutrients rapidly or slowly to provide the most benefits to the body.

In order to further advance the anti-aging qualities of Imortalium™, it has been packaged in a unique, technologically advanced Miron violet glass bottle. The Miron violet glass works as a filter that blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet wave length to protect the quality of the nutrients in each tablet.

Imortalium™ is a breakthrough anti-aging supplement that contains essential nutrients and minerals that support telomere health. Telomeres are known as the biological clock within our cells that form the protective ends of almost every chromosome, keeping each chromosome from deterioration and are essential for chromosome stability. The long, thread-like DNA molecules that carry our genes are packed into chromosomes, the telomeres being the caps on their ends.

Think of a telomere strand like the protective coating at the end of a shoelace. After so many uses, the end of the shoelace begins to fray, offering less protection to the shoelace, and thus the shoelace begins to dwindle. The same result happens with telomeres; as cells divide, the telomere also begins to "fray" offering less protection to the DNA chromosome. Each cell in our body is only programmed to replicate (divide) a certain number of times. With each replication, the telomere is shortened and subjected to destructive forces. Once the telomere has reached its threshold of divisions and damage, it begins to malfunction and the cell is terminated.


Imortalium® is a Registered Trademark of Youngevity International, Inc.

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