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Incontinence Tea

Price: $7.99
Incontinence Tea

Ingredients: Cornsilk, Buchu, Plantain, Horsetail and Lemon Balm

Cornsilk: Is an old herbal remedy for urinary tract disorders, including UTI and incontinence. Traditionally it was used by herbalists to treat enuresis (bed wetting). More recently, it has been used to treat enlarged prostate. It helps strengthen bladder muscles and flush toxins from the urinary tract.

Buchu: A soothing diuretic and antiseptic and is very effective in treating the inflammation of the urethra that leads to incontinence.

Plantain: Tannins, found in the leaves of plantains, have been utilized for centuries to treat bleeding, vomiting, hemorrhoids, incontinence and bed wetting in children. The website Herbal Extract Plus, describes how this diuretic plant is used to aide in bladder dysfunction by increasing urinary output to flush the body of impurities.

Horsetail: Containing high amounts of potassium, flavonoids, manganese, organic acids and saponins, horsetail is very helpful in healing incontinence particularly in children and elderly.  It's a natural astringent and is used for a variety of urinary, bladder and kidney problems.

According to Clayton College of Natural Health, it's considered strengthening to connective tissue, which makes it especially useful for bladder incontinence due to muscle weakness.

Lemon Balm: Because of its mild sedative effects, it's useful for bladder incontinence due to nervousness or anxiety. It's also astringent and is useful for viral infections and urinary incontinence.

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