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Sip & Go

Price: $9.99

Regular Renovation Tea

 This package contains 10 premium tea bags.


Ingredients:  Senna Leaf and Aloe Vera Leaf


  • Senna Leaf - Acts on the intestinal walls, causing contractions that lead to bowel movements. In this regard, it can be used to effectively relieve even the most severe cases of constipation. Because of its glycoside content, which helps transport electrolytes, it helps to cleanse the colon creating a bowel movement that usually occurs within six to 12 hours after it is taken. 
  • Is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, it also helps to reduce swelling due to irritation, thus helping to  soothe the area back to health.


  • Aloe Vera Leaf - Can be a helpful friend if you suffer from severe constipation, relaxing and cleaning the bowel. Aloe juice helps with irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It reduces bloating sensation and all the discomfort associated with it.


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