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Support & Diuretic

Price: $9.99
Kidney Support & Diuretic
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Ingredients: Cornsilk, Juniper Berry, Chamomile, Parsley, Cranberry

Cornsilk:  May be used to treat and prevent the development of kidney stones in adults. Infections of the kidney can also be treated by taking cornsilk daily. Because of its affect on the kidneys, research indicates that the herb can help lower high blood pressure in the circulatory system.

Juniper Berry:  Has been used for a long time to support kidney health. Because of their antimicrobial properties that help treat urinary tract, bladder and kidney infections. They also have the ability in removing wastes and acidic byproducts from the body. Compounds in the berries have diuretic effects, removing excess water from the body that may result in weight loss.
Ask your doctor if Juniper Berries is right for you.

Chamomile: May be very soothing to kidneys.
Clinical studies have clearly shown that chamomile has a weak sedative effect when given as a tea. Animal tests have shown that chamomile volatile oil, administered orally to rabbits with kidney problems, normalized the uremia feature. This shows that chamomile can be used in kidney diseases.

Parsley:  Is an effective diuretic. It inhibits the sodium and potassium pump in the kidneys, causing increased production of urine. Studies have shown that parsley can improve kidney function and help eliminate wastes from the body. It can also help treat edema, or water retention; fatigue; and painful urination. Parsley also has been used effectively to treat kidney stones and other kidney diseases.

Cranberry: May be effective in maintaining optimal urinary tract health, and contribute to healthy kidney function.

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