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Trauma Relief Tea


Formulated specifically to aid in times of extreme stress.  Trauma tea will help promote calm, relaxation and help fight depression and anxiety.


Ingredients: Oatstraw, Motherswort, Stinging Nettle and Chamomile

Oatstraw - Strengthens, nourishes and calms the nervous system. Fights depression and anxiety.

Motherswort - Has a sedating - tranquilizing effect on the central nervous system. Strengthens and relaxes heart muscles, Used as a treatment for depression and anxiety and heart palpitations.

Stinging Nettle - Gives support and strengthens tired adrenal glands. It inhibits the production of adrenaline, a hormone released that gives us that "fight or flight" response.

Chamomile - Helps treat insomnia and anxiety.  It is a very calming herb. 


Does NOT Contain Caffeine 

This package contains 10 premium tea bags.

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