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Urinary Tract

Price: $7.99

Urinary Tract Renovation Tea

This package contains 10 premium tea bags.

Ingredients: Cranberry, Uva Ursi, Goldenrod, Dandelion and Marshallow Root
Cranberry - The most frequently and important used herb to treat urinary tract infections, cranberry contains an acid that inhibits growth of the bacteria that causes the infection, says Phyllis A. Balch in the book "Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing." Cranberry also contains compounds that don't allow bacteria to stick to the lining of the bladder, so they are flushed out with urine. Pure, unsweetened cranberry juice provides the best benefits.
Uva Ursi - The second most common herb used for urinary tract infections, uva ursi which increases urination and flushes bacteria out of the bladder. This herb also contains a compound that weakens the bacteria that causes the infection. When taken according to the package directions, sufferers of a UTI may begin to feel relief within a few days. This herb should not be taken for longer than four days in a row, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.
Goldenrod - Decreases inflammation and the painful spasms of bladder infections, according to Dr. Linda B. White and Steven Foster in their book "The Herbal Drugstore."
Dandelion - Acts as a diuretic and flushes bacteria-causing microbes from the bladder. Dandelion also provides potassium, typically lost with diuretic use.
Marshmallow Root - Inhibits bacterial growth in urine by increasing its acidity.

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