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Female Libido Tea


Female Libido Tea is a natural formulation created to promote a healthy libido and increase fertility.  


Ingredients:  Epimedium Leaf, Oatstraw, Shatavari Root and Gingko

  • Epimedium – Increases libido. 
  • Oatstraw - Can be used as natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Shatavari Root - Is exceedingly effective in improving fertility. It tones and nourishes female reproductive organs and greatly regulates ovulation and normalizes hormonal secretion. 
  • Gingko - The active ingredients, ginsenosides, are again believed to facilitate the release of nitric oxide in blood vessels that increases blood flow to the clitoris resulting better orgasms. Gingko is known to possess phytoestrogen activity and is believed to help the body adapt to stress, which again helps female libido.


Does NOT Contain Caffeine

This package contains 10 premium tea bags.

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Female Libido Tea

Posted by Darlene Turpin on Nov 28th 2018

Excellent results