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Free Radical Fighter Tea


This package contains (4) measured packages.

Ingredients: Essiac Blend
Where Did Essiac Come From?
A Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse developed it in 1922. She said the formula originally came from an Ojibwa Indian medicine man. She named it after the backward spelling of her own last name, Caisse.
Essiac is widely available as an herbal health food, without any specific health claims. There are several different 
versions of the product. There are also many claims and counterclaims about authenticity. In 2000, the US Federal Trade 
Commission filed a complaint against a distributor of Essiac for misleading health claims on several web sites.

What Organic Herbs Make Essiac Tea?
-Burdock Root
-Sheep Sorrel
-Slippery Elm Bark
-Turkey Rhubarb Root

What Are The Benefits Of These Herbs?
-Burdock Root: Is used in folk medicine to improve digestion, to clean the blood, to increase urination, or as a laxative. 
 Laboratory studies have shown some anti-tumor effects.
-Sheep Sorrel: May be effective against cancer and has been used in Europe for centuries to help break down tumors.
-Slippery Elm: Has a long, safe history in alleviating sore throats. It is used in many
 herbal cough drops or teas for sore throats. And is used traditionally as a tonic (helps strengthen the body), 
 and seems to assist in healing.
-Turkey Rhubarb Root:  Has a gentle laxative action which helps stimulate bile and also the gallbladder to expel 
 toxic waste matter.

What Are The Benefits Of Essiac Blend?
-Proponents of Essiac claim that it strengthens the immune system, improves appetite, relieves pain, 
and improves overall quality of life. Helps to fight free radicals

There are no recorded side effects from the use of Essiac. In 1982, the Canadian Department of National Health and Welfare authorized the availability of Essiac on a “compassionate use” basis. Their decision was based in part on the lack of reports of problems in 78 patients who used Essiac between 1978 and 1982.

There are no known interactions between Essiac and medications or other herbs. However, most interactions between herbs and medications have not been studied. Tell your health care provider if you are using herbal supplements.

Essiac Tea May Be Beneficial For-
Cancer, Tumor Growth, Diabetes, Colon Ailments, Arthritis, Sinus Ailments, Chest Colds & Pneumonia, Gout, Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure, Kidney & Bladder Ailments, Fluid Retention, Constipation & Diarrhea, Liver Ailments, Allergies, Weak Immune System, Chronic Pain, Asthma, Ulcers and Obesity.

How To Make Essaic Tea?
The following recipe is for making one quart of tea using 2 tablespoons of Essiac tea herbs.  It is best to make just 
enough Essiac tea to last about two weeks because Essiac tea is perishable and will eventually spoil in the refrigerator.
1.  Pour 36 ounces of distilled water into large pot and bring to a boil.  
2.  Add 2 tablespoons of dried Essiac tea herbs (entire contents of package) to boiling water cover with lid and boil hard for 10 minutes (making sure it doesn't boil over).  
3.  Scrape down the sides of the pot and allow the tea to sit, covered, in a warm place (room temperature) for about 12 hours.
4.  Reheat the tea in the covered pot until steaming hot, but do not allow too boil.    
5.  Allow the tea to sit covered and undisturbed for several minutes so that the herbs will settle to the bottom of the pot.
6.  Using a strainer, strain the liquid into jar.   
7.  Screw the lid on, allow too cool and then refrigerate.
Rene Caisse used 1 oz. of Essiac tea in about 2  ounces of hot water once or twice daily.
Do not microwave the tea.  Shake the container well before pouring your dosages to disperse the herb particles 
throughout the tea.  
Drink Essiac tea on an empty stomach.  Take the time to sip your Essiac tea slowly; don’t gulp it down.  
Essiac tea is detoxifying so it is very important to drink plenty of pure water during the day and to have regular bowel 
Discard Essiac tea if it tastes sour or when white mold appears floating on the surface.  Essiac herbs and tea are light 
and heat sensitive so it is important to store in a cool, dark place. 
It’s always best if your doses are taken on an empty stomach. Try to avoid eating two hours before and one hour after 
drinking Essiac. However, if you have to eat and then drink Essiac tea at the same time, that is much better than 
skipping the Essiac dose completely.
Does NOT Contain Caffeine

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