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Oolong Tea contains many vital vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganesem, copper, carotin,
selenium, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, E and K. in addition to folic acids, niacin amide and other
detoxifying alkaloids and polyphenolic compounds.
Polyphenolic compound is very effective in controlling the fat metabolism of the body.  Which may help
reduce obesity.  Polyphenolic compound may also be responsible for removing free radicals in our body. Plus, promotes apoptosis in stomach related cancerous growth. This polyphenol extract also acts a chemo-preventive instrument against development of other cancerous forms.
According to scientific experiments, patients diagnosed with eczema skin disorder can benefit from drinking 
3 cups of oolong tea 3 times in a day. The beneficial results of oolong tea could be seen in less than a week 
with these patients showing remarkable skin improvement.
  • Antioxidants found in oolong tea protect the tooth against decay, strengthens the bone structure and boosts normal healthy growth of human body.
  • Works great as herbal brew for treating type 2 diabetic disorders and as an appendage to other supplementary drugs for treating the disease.
  • Another great reason to drink Oolong Tea is the natural polyphenols is said to be the main stress buster.
Contains 10 Premium Tea Bags
Ingredients: Organic Oolong Tea
Contains Caffeine. 

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